Dear Members,

We hope you are in great health and positive spirits. By now, we have all seen the rapid effect of COVID-19 on our way of life. Whether directly or through friends and family, we have all been born witness to the virus halting the livelihood of many across all industries. Some of our own Members are now facing an unknown future. We deeply empathize with you and stand with you in solidarity.

Regarding GLO30 and our store opening. We are going to leave it up to the experts, local and federal authorities, to let us know when it is safe for our Members, staff, and friends to return to our physical stores. Currently, we have been given a tentative timeline of mid-April. However, we understand that this is an evolving situation. So we wait.

Regarding your Membership and dues. Until we reopen, ALL MEMBERSHIP DUES WILL BE FROZEN WITH NO PENALTY OR FEE. This means that there will be no membership charges until our stores re-open.

GLO30 is a local woman-owned business. You are the driving force that keeps the doors open, the treatments evolving, and our engine strong.

How can you support GLO30, if you are in the position to do so?

Like most companies we need support with your dollars. For those of you who are in the position to support GLO30, Please Opt In to charge your April, 1 2020 dues. As a thank you for your support during this time, we will turn your April Membership dues into GLO30 Store Credit and we will mail you a complementary skincare facial kit for the month of April.

If you have skincare needs during this time we hope you will shop on our ONLINE STORE During this uncertain time, we can assure you that we will put you first. If we stumble along the way, please gently nudge and guide us. We, like you, are learning daily in an ever changing landscape.

On a personal note, many of you know me as the CEO of GLO30 and a mother raising a young family (Ajay 7 yo, Savannah 3 yo, & Charlie 5 months old). I am married to an amazing human being who also happens to be an ER Doctor fighting this virus on the frontline. So COVID-19 and its fight has literally landed on my front step. In full support, GLO30 has donated masks and any PPE qualified equipment to those, who like my husband, risk their future so our community can have a healthier one. There is so much unknown but what I do know & hold on to is that kindness and positivity spread faster than a virus. Thank you, our members and our friends, for being kind, positive, and supportive of GLO30.

With Gratitude,

Many of you are concerned for your favorite Glogetter who depend on GLO30 and you for their livelihood. Many of these staff are like family whom many of you have seen every 30 days, for years. So here are the steps we are taking with your help:

* GLO30 provides and will continue to provide FULLY PAID health insurance (including all premiums covered) to our staff. Having health insurance during this time is crucial.

* We will continue to support our staff members the best way we can financially. Any purchase you make will help with this.

* Your membership helps nurture and support many lives. You pay it forward, just by continuing to be our Member.

* GLO30 products & retail will be available online. We thank you for supporting us with your online product purchases as this directly supports staff.

Updates on Your Membership

We will temporarily close to do our part in decreasing the rate of spread of COVID-19. We aim to open by March 30 or until given clearance.

• Your March Membership credit will roll over. It will not expire. You can use it any time.

• Your March Membership credit can be used in $ value towards any purchase at GLO30: FreshGlo, Lasers, Botox, NanoGlo or other services

• Your Membership credit can be used to purchase products with an additional 20% discount

• Your Membership credit can be used to create Gift Cards

• You may continue to schedule appointments online for April onwards

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