We’ve built a better facial.

And we build this facial every 30 days.It started with our first store that changed everything: We noticed that folks were overpaying for facials that were under delivering. We started by getting rid of the stodgy, clumpy, tired old “backbar.” It’s not that we are afraid of commitment. We just want the best. Skincare ingredients and techniques are constantly evolving. So we couldn’t settle. That’s why your facial, each month, is unique, it’s designed to give you glowing results using the best ingredients & techniques for that month.


The Never-Ending Facial Menu

You know that list of facial services & types that spas put on their menu. Boxing you in and limiting your results. If you pick the anti aging facial, would you miss out on the results of the brightening or acne facial? Scratch that. We have our own never-ending list. It’s not based on the menu, it’s based on the results we aim for. Here's a start: glowing, clean, healthy, bright, firm, plump, clarifying, soothing, hydrating, balancing, smoothening, and glowing.


The same-old Back Bar gives the same-old results.

You’ve been there. The same cleanser, exfoliator, toner, and mask when you get your spa facial. Most spas invest in 1-2 back bar brands. That means they are limited to the products they apply to your skin, limiting your results. And anytime they bring in something new, they “up charge” you for that add on. We didn’t think this was fair. We know your skin cells turnover every 30 days. We know environmental factors also change every 30 days. So we know your entire facial has to be curated every 30 days for next level results. Same old ingredients will deliver just that same old lackluster results. Get your curated facial delivered right on schedule to you with no up charges & tips included.