Glo30 is rooted in two foundational principles–

Immediate Results while building a plan for glowing, healthy skin that is long lasting.

Consistent Care to actively combat environmental and seasonal effects.

No guesswork. Just great skin.

With a Glo30 membership, you will receive an easy-to-book treatment every 30 days that is customized each month based on your skin and the environmental factors that impact it. Rather than submitting to a standard one-size-fits-all treatment or experimenting with what might work best, you’ll Glo from the get-go with a treatment that is designed to maximize efforts—for all skin types—in an hour or less.

Treatments that are revolutionary.
And evolutionary.

From adjusting your pH and hydration levels to balancing components of a great facial to suit your skin type, your Glo30 treatment will bring your skin back to life and keep it looking rejuvenated, ALWAYS.

Founded by Dr. Arleen Lamba, Glo30 is a program focused on best approaches to skin based on sixteen years of cosmetic, cosmeceutical and medical-grade treatment research. Her approach to the best skincare?


Take care of your skin from the inside


Address what’s happening to your skin on the outside


Give your skin the consistent monthly care it needs

Glo•Up Glo•Up is a unique combination of anti-aging antioxidants, an effective sunblock & replenishing moisturizer. Its natural and organic ingredients provide superior protection from the sun while keeping your skin hydrated and looking its best all year long.

Glo•Up is ideal for all skin types, blends well with make-up and is the perfect way to maintain your glo.


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