SmartGLO Facials

Your Perfect Facial. Every 30 Days.

Technology With A Human Touch To guide your treatments and give you real results.

With a SmartGLO facial you can expect one result - TO GLO.

Our facials are expertly tailored to your skin using our proprietary AI powered skin analyzer, GLOria. Each treatment takes into account your environment, your skin and customizes the right modalities and ingredients to achieve your perfect facial. No two months are the same for your skin, and neither are your monthly facials. Your facials change every 30 days to optimize and retune your GLO.

An all inclusive GLO-giving facial backed by science and technology.

Our SmartGLO treatments are methodologically curated every month with no add ons, up-charges, or confusing menus. From microdermabrasion, high frequency, or a GLO Sha massage the SmartGLO is an all inclusive facial that your skin needs.

Experience the power of seasonal ingredients to transform your skin

Every month our facials give you access to fresh potent ingredients, innovative techniques, and specialized masks to transform your skin to all system GLO. Our facials are thoughtfully curated – every 30 days – specifically designed to combat location based weather, air pollution, and its impact on your skin’s GLO. SmartGLO will leave your skin balance, purified, and glowing.

Extras don’t cost extra

To create your perfect facial we will use certain modalities each month. The below modalities may be used in your perfect facial at no up charge or extra cost to you.


Rejuvenate the skin by removing dead cells and revealing a smoother, brighter complexion underneath.

Light Therapy

Specific wavelengths of light to promote skin healing and rejuvenation, effectively treating issues like acne, inflammation, and signs of aging.


A non-invasive treatment that gently exfoliates the skin, reducing the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and pigmentation.


Meet GLO Sha, the revolutionary skincare tool that combines the ancient art of GLO Sha with cutting-edge technology...

High Frequency

Utilizes gentle electrical currents to enhance circulation, encourage collagen and elastin production, and treat acne, leading to clearer and firmer skin.

Facial Cupping

A soothing technique that uses small suction cups to stimulate blood flow and collagen production, reducing puffiness and lifting the skin.


Professional skin gurus

The true heros of our treatments are our highly skilled Estheticians. They are trained in all GLO3O modalities and constantly adding the newest techniques to their knowledge base. Our providers are facial experts who give professional guidance and support throughout your journey.

Member savings: extra perks at no extra cost

SmartGLO Facial




Non member

Professional skin gurus

SmartGLO Facial

$99 Member

$199 Non Member

72 hours before your appointment stop exfoliators and actives

Stop physical, manual, or chemical exfoliators such as salicylic, glycolic, lactic acids 72 hours pre and post appointment.

5-7 days before your appointment stop Retinols

Stop Retinol products. Also, you should also refrain from receiving chemical peels for 2 weeks prior and post treatment.

Wait 2 weeks after injectables

If you have received injectable treatments such as Botox® (neuromodulators) or fillers please wait 2 weeks post your injectable to get a SmartGLO treatment.

72 hours after your appointment restart exfoliators and actives stop

Take a hands-off approach
Stop physical, manual, or chemical exfoliators such as salicylic, glycolic, lactic acids 72 hours pre and post appointment.

5-7 days after your appointment slowly restart Retinols

Do not use actives,
exfoliators, waxing.

Stop Retinol products. Also, you should also refrain from receiving chemical peels for 2 weeks prior and post treatment.

Wait 2 weeks after injectables

Use sun protection
If you have received injectable treatments such as Botox® (neuromodulators) or fillers please wait 2 weeks post your injectable to get a SmartGLO treatment.

Want a single treatment? Non-Member SmartGLO visits for $199

Asking questions is the first
way to begin change

You are on your way to healthy glowing skin. To select your appointment time, provider, and location we’d recommend downloading the GLO3O app and/or booking your appointment online.

Book appointment

Your credit card is used to hold the appointment time with your scheduled provider. Your card will only be charged for the service after your treatment is completed. However, we keep a card on file in case of no-shows or late cancellations.

If it’s more than 24 hours before your appointment, you can cancel or adjust your time slot through our website or through your GLO3O app. Please note that if you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time, we have a $30 cancellation and no-show fee.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment, so you’ll have plenty of time to meet, greet, and check in with GLOria. This will also ensure that you get your full treatment time without feeling rushed.

Our providers look forward to reviewing and discussing your goals. Please book for the service you are interested in. If a treatment is not performed on the same day of the consultation, there will be a $89 store credit fee that you will be charged which you can use towards products or future services.

Each store has their own hours of operation. Please look at your specific location and store for details.

Avoid anti-inflammatory medications such as NSAIDS, Ibuprofen,Motrin, Advil, Aspirin. Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours within the procedure to avoid bruising.

After your treatment: No lying down for 6 hours; no exercise/working out for 24-48 hours; no facials for 10-14 days.

We do a post treatment collagen mask that helps your botox settle and take into effect without downtime. So you can resume your daily activities. Few individuals may have small red bumps that look like bug bites at first, but they usually go away within the hour. We take precautions with our proprietary GLO Map and cooling the treatment area to prevent bruising. However, when injecting the skin, there is always a chance of bruising. If you do notice a bruise it will usually heal in 48-72 hours.

Noticeable results should appear around 5-10 days. You may notice less movement and wrinkling in the injected areas. It can take up to 2 weeks to see the full results. If you have static lines & wrinkles, they may begin to lessen over time and with repeated treatments.

Everyone’s results last for different lengths of time because everyone metabolizes botox at a different rate. But typically, you can expect results to last 3 months and we have seen this increase with consistent treatments.

Beneath every wrinkle is a muscle nerve. Neuromodulators work by blocking the muscle nerve’s signals that control its impulses. Injecting small doses of neuromodulators allows the facial muscles to relax, minimizing the look of wrinkles and giving you that smoother, softer look you’re after.

We know everyone’s pain threshold is different. Most people do not find the treatment to be painful. We use cooling in the area prior to injecting which helps. Please speak to your provider if you are concerned about the pain and they will be happy to help guide you!

Though uncommon, eyelid droop can happen. This is rare, occurring less than 0.1% of the time. This undesirable outcome, however unlikely, is fortunately temporary. Our highly-skilled providers are trained in how to administer services and treatments for the best aesthetic results with the highest level of safety. We ask that you follow your post care instructions by keeping the head elevated 6 hours post treatment, not touch the area treated and avoiding exercises for 48 hours to help prevent adverse side effects.

Headache, minor bruising or swelling at the injection site are the most common but still rare side effects. Others are much less common, but we’re happy to discuss them with you during your appointment if you’re concerned.

We recommend avoiding neuromodulator treatments during pregnancy and while nursing.

Stop retinoids and exfoliators 72 hours pre and post treatment. Please wait 2 weeks to do the treatment if you have done botox, peels, or laser treatments.

  • Factors such as our lifestyle, environment, and age can slow down our skin’s cell cycle. This causes our skin to be dull, rought, and lack luminosity. The Clear + Brilliant® laser punches microscopic holes through the surface, speeding up the surface cell turnover. So new skin cells can come to the surface, revealing brighter and smoother skin.
  • This process may create redness and skin roughness as the damaged tissue moves toward the skin’s surface and is then removed.
  • The skin rejuvenates in 7-10 days and the patient is left with a healthy new glow.


While Clear + Brilliant® is safe for all skin types and tones. Clear + Brilliant® encourages new collagen growth, improving skin tone and texture and reducing the appearance of pores. The ideal candidate for Clear + Brilliant® might suffer:

  • Superficial lines around eyes and mouth
  • Fine lines on cheeks
  • Rough skin texture
  • Superficial brown age spots
  • Sun Damage
  • Acne Scars
  • Skin Texture

On average you will start noticing results 10-14 days after your treatment. These will continue to improve with a series of treatments.

Though you will see noticeable improvement with one Clear + Brilliant® Laser Facial. We recommend doing these treatments in a series or throughout the seasons. Members on average do 4-6 treatments for optimal improvement in brightness and texture. GLOria, our proprietary AI technology, can also help guide your treatment recommendations.

Most patients describe a prickling feeling and an increased sensation of heat during the treatment. We do use lidocaine numbing cream prior to the treatment which helps make the procedure comfortable. If you need more or less numbing time please specify on your app and let your provider know.

To maximize your results, you should schedule a session every 2 weeks to complete a series of 4-6 treatments. Alternatively, we recommend alternating between NanoGLO Microinfusion Facial and Clear + Brilliant® every 30 days. GLOria, our proprietary AI technology, will also help guide your treatment recommendations in real time.

Clear & Brilliant® is a non ablative mini fraxel laser technolgy and is a great alternative to an invasive Fraxel treatment. You may experience mild redness and subtle inflammation immediately after treatment. These side effects generally resolve within a few hours, but could last until the next day. You will notice a sandpaper roughness to your skin in the next few days. This should resolve in 5-7 days. You will get full benefits and results in 10-14 days.

One of the most innovative laser treatments, Clear + Brilliant®, uses non-invasive laser technology to gently resurface the top layer of the dermis by creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in the skin. This not only stimulates collagen production but also galvanizes skin to generate healthier tissue. Clear + Brilliant® also reduces pore size and treats pigmentation issues related to acne scarring. Clear + Brilliant® is so effective that it’s clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of facial scars and discoloration. Depending on the depth of your scars we recommend NanoGLO Microinfusion Facial alternating with Clear + Brilliant® Laser Facial. This will target both collagen infusion and regeneration resulting in smooth and even tone skin.

Very mild redness and slight swelling after each treatment is expected. This may be followed by roughness and slight flaking 3-4 days later. Serious side effects are rare, but most can be avoided by proper sun avoidance before and after the procedure and following the post procedure instructions. Possible adverse effects include discoloration (lightening or darkening), prolonged redness, swelling and extremely rarely infection or pinpoint scarring. During the treatment, shields are worn to protect the eyes. If you are prone to cold sores, it is advised to take an antiviral medication before treatment to prevent the activation of cold sores.

  • It is imperative to protect the treated skin from the sun for a full 4 weeks prior to the Clear + Brilliant® laser. This is best accomplished by the use of SPF30 sunscreen daily (preferably containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) and a hat worn during times of greater exposure to the sun’s rays. Do not get Clear + Brilliant® if you have been sun tanning or have a suntan.
  • Avoid sunless tanner 2 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Do not use glycolic acid, retinoids, or lightening creams 2 days prior to treatment.
  • You should wait 2 weeks after any other cosmetic procedure (ie. Botox or fillers) or waxing.
  • The treated area may turn pink and slightly swollen. After a couple days, you may experience many small black specks on the treated area which will flake off. Some tenderness and itching may also develop. A sandpaper-like texture may also be appreciated.
  • Cool tap water compresses may be used for discomfort.
  • Make-up may be worn but we recommend you wait 24 hours before applying. Particular care must be taken to avoid irritation of the skin while removing your make-up. Avoid abrasive or irritating make up removers. We recommend using a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and physical sunscreen. Glycolic acid and retinols may be resumed after 7 days or when peeling and dryness have resolved.
  • Use approved & non-irritating Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Serums post treatment. You may also use a Shield Recovery Balm post treatment to keep your skin protected.
  • Sun protection including SPF 30 sunscreen, and a hat when in direct sun are mandatory for at least 4 weeks after each treatment. To maintain your results, these sun protective measures should continue indefinitely as well as appropriate skincare.

Stop retinoids and exfoliators 72 hours pre and post treatment. Please wait 2 weeks to do the treatment if you have done botox, peels, or laser treatments.

After your treatment do not wash your face for 6 hours and use a gentle cleanser with cool water once you are ready to wash your face. Avoid makeup that day. For 24 hours: avoid doing activities, saunas, or exercises that may make you sweat. Avoid hot steam or hot water on your face. For one week do not exfoliate your skin. Do not do a facial for 10-14 days. You may get Botox following NanoGLO treatment.

The nanoneedling itself generates collagen; the Botox shrinks the dermal elements, creating poreless-looking skin; the hyaluronic acid plumps the skin; and our proprietary serum GLO-TOX boosts collagen. All components come together to give skin a filter like effect.

While you may experience some redness, there is minimal or zero recovery time. You are free to return to your normal routine following your treatment. Please use your post treatment mask and continue to treat your skin with a gentle cleanser, serums (Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid), moisturizer and SPF daily.

If you have an uneven skin tone, large pore size, loss of firmness, fine lines, or are looking to brighten and create a filtered like skin effect NanoGLO Microinfusion Facial is the gold standard in advanced microneedling and skin resurfacing. There are numerous benefits of this revolutionary treatment. Here are a few benefits our Member’s love:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Shrinks pores with micro-BOTOX
  • Can smooth skin with dermal micro-hyaluronic gels
  • Improves mild acne scarring
  • Brightens the skin’s texture and tone
  • Painless
  • No recovery time
  • No needles or injections

Noticeable results should appear within 24 -72 hours. Though most people can see a difference immediately! These results will continue to improve as you follow your post treatment skin care regiment. You may notice smaller pore size, brighter complexion, and smoother texture. As you continue doing NanoGLO Microinfusion Treatments you will see these results build upon your previous treatments.

Everyone’s results last for different lengths of time depending on their skin and goals. Typically results can last 2-4 months. Please follow your skincare regimen to help maximize your results. Additional treatments continue to improve the skin’s overall appearance. Treatments can be scheduled every 30 days.

We know everyone’s pain threshold is different. Most people do not find the treatment to be painful. We use numbing cream which consists of lidocaine prior to performing the treatment. If you need more or less numbing time please enter this preference within your app and let your provider know.

The side effects associated with NanoGLO Microinfusion Facial are minimal. You may experience a redness which disappears within 24 hours for most individuals. Please avoid exfoliators and retinoids pre and post treatment.

Since we use numbing cream and neuromodulators in our solution for NanoGLO Microinfusion Facial we recommend avoiding the treatment during pregnancy and while nursing.


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