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Healthy skin depends on more than just the types of products you use. Diet, weather, air quality, and hydration levels all affect the look and feel of your skin. GLO30’s monthly treatments are designed to target your skin’s optimal health from the inside out based on your skin type and environmental scenarios.

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We have plans as personalized as you.

The Monthly


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$89 /Month

Reveal your skin’s best self with monthly deep cleansing, exfoliation, toning and hydration session. Become a Member to enjoy exclusive benefits. Best part? You’re only committing to one year (you can opt-out after that with just 30 days notice). Lets unlock your GLO!

The Yearly


Exclusive Member Benefits

$1068 /Year

Get glowing skin with deep savings with 14 treatments for the price of 12. That’s 2 free! Get a massive discount of $76 per treatment instead of the usual cost of $150 – plus, exclusive discounts throughout the year with 18 months to use up those credits. Come in regularly – it’ll be great seeing that gorgeous face again soon… or sooner if you fancy it!

The Mini


Exclusive Member Benefits

$375 /6 Months

Treat yourself or a loved one to the MINI Membership – 3 magical months of FreshGLO Facials that keep your skin glowy, clear, & dewy. Access to exclusive member discounts for 3 months. It’s an amazing introduction to GLO30, plus you’ve got 6 glorious months to use your credits!

Overpaying for facials is officially over.

Want a single treatment?
Non-Member FreshGLO visits for $150

We’re Better Together

Come for skincare solutions, stay for the glowing community. Our Membership is full of supportive and collaborative individuals like you. You can engage with other Members throughout our locations. Go ahead, high five other Members who are in for their first facial, display your GLO badges, and monthly skin-wins with your GLO community.

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Meet GLO Sha, the revolutionary skincare tool that combines the ancient art of gua sha with cutting-edge technology. Harnessing the power of LED light, EMS, vibration, and heat/cold therapy, GLO Sha amplifies the benefits of your skincare products, helping them penetrate deeper and work more effectively.

Not only does GLO Sha perform all the traditional functions of gua sha—promoting lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness, and enhancing your natural glow—but it takes them to the next level. Experience the future of skincare with this powerful tool designed for optimal radiance and rejuvenation.