Botox & Wrinkle Relaxers FAQ

Avoid anti-inflammatory medications such as NSAIDS, Ibuprofen,Motrin, Advil, Aspirin. Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours within the procedure to avoid bruising.

After your treatment: No lying down for 6 hours; no exercise/working out for 24-48 hours; no facials for 10-14 days.

We do a post treatment collagen mask that helps your botox settle and take into effect without downtime. So you can resume your daily
activities. Few individuals may have small red bumps that look like bug bites at first, but they usually go away within the hour. We take precautions with our proprietary GLO Map and cooling the treatment area to prevent bruising. However, when injecting the skin, there is always a chance of bruising. If you do notice a bruise it will usually heal in 48-72 hours.

Noticeable results should appear around 5-10 days. You may notice less movement and wrinkling in the injected areas. It can take up to 2 weeks to see the full results. If you have static lines & wrinkles, they may begin to lessen over time and with repeated treatments.

Everyone’s results last for different lengths of time because everyone metabolizes botox at a different rate. But typically, you can expect results to last 3 months and we have seen this increase with consistent

Beneath every wrinkle is a muscle nerve. Neuromodulators work by blocking the muscle nerve’s signals that control its impulses. Injecting small doses of neuromodulators allows the facial muscles to relax, minimizing the look of wrinkles and giving you that smoother, softer look you’re after.

We know everyone’s pain threshold is different. Most people do not find the treatment to be painful. We use cooling in the area prior to injecting which helps. Please speak to your provider if you are concerned about the pain and they will be happy to help guide you!

Though uncommon, eyelid droop can happen. This is rare, occurring less than 0.1% of the time. This undesirable outcome, however unlikely, is fortunately temporary. Our highly-skilled providers are trained in how to administer services and treatments for the best aesthetic results with the highest level of safety. We ask that you follow your post care instructions by keeping the head elevated 6 hours post treatment, not touch the area treated and avoiding exercises for 48 hours to help prevent adverse side effects.

Headache, minor bruising or swelling at the injection site are the most common but still rare side effects. Others are much less common, but we’re happy to discuss them with you during your appointment if you’re

We recommend avoiding neuromodulator treatments during pregnancy and while nursing.

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