Glo30 founder and medical director Dr. Arleen Lamba knew that there was a better way to better skin. With every Glo30 treatment, we focus on results that make you look like the best version of you, and Glo30 Botox treatments are no different.

Erase Your 11’s. Fix Your Forehead. Correct Your Crow’s Feet.

Using Dr. Lamba’s proprietary GloMap process, we map out the twelve ratio points between your muscle areas that work together to create expression across your upper forehead, supraorbital ridge (lower forehead), temporal ridge (each side), and glablella (between your eyebrows).

Youthful. Rested. Consistent.

What you’ll get is a youthful, rested, and consistent look with every visit. No guesswork. No improvisation. Just artful and precisely measured science.


And like all Glo30 treatments, this one also has added, all-inclusive perks: your session ends with our calming arnica & collagen mask to kickstart your Glo.

Complimentary touch-ups

With a Complete treatment, if you need a touch-up within 30 days of your visit, just give us a call and come on in: it’s on us!

Once we’ve mapped out your treatment areas, you’ll decide what level of result you want to see:

Prevent (aka Baby Botox)

Great for first-time users, this minimal treatment allows for movement while slightly relaxing your muscles. If you are starting to notice lines after a long night out, but want to maintain movement, then this is the treatment for you.

$120 per area


A skip up from Prevent, this limits some movement while still allowing full expression, and is great for softening lines. Do you notice residual lines left behind when you raise or furrow your brow? Then Soften is your must.

$180 per area


A targeted plan that delivers a complete dose to specific treatment areas giving long-lasting results. If you want to press reset and eliminate your lines, then it’s time to do a Complete treatment. Complete treatment comes with 30 day complimentary touch up.

$300 per area

*Represents Member Pricing

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